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How It Works

Georgian Bay has a number of different ways to work with others to publish books. In addition to funding and developing original titles on our own, we also seek all kinds of publishing partners to work with. Ideal partners have a variety of elements that they can bring to a project, but—above all—a publishing partner must have quality content that can be used to create a truly great book. Second, a good partner must bring a strong commitment to sales and marketing and must be willing to dedicate significant time to promotion, personal appearances, and special events. Like any business venture, part of the commitment that’s needed is a financial one. Though Georgian Bay Books is wholly responsible for funding the development, design, production, printing, and marketing of a partnered title, we do ask our publishing partners for an up-front commitment to purchase a minimum number of copies upon publication. The minimum commitment needed varies according to the size and complexity of the book being created.


A Different Publishing Model

Unlike the traditional publishing model—where a publisher is the “gatekeeper” of all sales through all channels—a Georgian Bay project offers our partners a direct, hands-on opportunity to be part of a book’s development and then be part of the book’s success. Because our partners have access to their books at deep discounts and can then re-sell to their personal sales networks, they can be much more proactive about maximizing profit and sales and making their book a success.

Our publishing partners give us a baseline commitment at the outset, but they also stand to gain financially and directly from the sale of the book. Because partners have access to deep wholesale pricing, many choose to create a new revenue stream by offering the book through their various retail and online channels, including restaurants, web sites, direct mail, and other retail venues.



Like the other aspects of book creation, sales is a collaborative effort. Georgian Bay utilizes a national distribution network that includes Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and major wholesalers such as Baker & Taylor, Ingram, and Follett. We also have access to buyers for Costco and Sam’s Club as well as retail food outlets, independent bookstores, and specialty food, wine, and agricultural associations. Once the content is created and designed, a variety of formats and markets become available for possible sales. For print versions, we can create hardcover, paperback, and custom editions. Electronically, we can create e-Books, DVDs, and interactive online versions. There are also potential markets for foreign languages, serialization, and specially licensed editions.


If you have great content that would make a great book, get in touch with us. Turning great content into great books is our specialty.

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